Being first-to-market and rapidly building brand awareness is a real challenge for any B2C start-up. From a Time-to-Market standpoint, multi-channel advertising therefore represents a mandatory step in order to transform into an industry leader.

Media for Equity is an alternative investment model which allows access for up and coming growth companies to vast media campaigns in exchange of company capital. These companies can then benefit from powerful media space without affecting their often limited cash-flow.



Media for Equity has been commonly used in Europe since the 1990s. This investment model has especially been used in Germany, where tens of millions of Euros of media have been provided since 2008. Over 400 companies in Europe have benefited from Media for Equity in order to fast-track their growth. Companies such as Zalando, e-Darling and Trivago are only a few examples that have successfully applied th Media for Equity model.

In 2015, the Media for Equity market in Germany exceeded 300 M€. Experts estimate that in 2018 the French Media for Equity market will total 160 M€.

Two investment models exist today : direct investments led by media companies, as well as a similar but more complex model of Media for Equity funds. In this model, several media companies commit advertising space to an intermediary fund. These intermediary funds, called cross-media funds, present the distinct advantage of being able to provide different types of media to a single high-growth company.

The advantages of Media for Equity

Accelerate your company's growth

Increase brand awareness

Competitive media space prices

Customized support