Benefit from a tailor-made mentoring to accelerate and structure the development of your start-up.

Entrepreneurship is a winding path. The success of a start-up depends mainly on the ability of its leaders to listen, surround themselves, recruit, turn and react to changes in its market.

5M Ventures provides its entrepreneurs with the necessary hindsight to better identify the problems encountered and find together the most effective solution. An entrepreneur does not have all the necessary skills to write a success story.

Take advantage of 5M Ventures’ network and the expertise and experience of its managers and collaborators to structure the growth of your start-up.

Our priorities are to accompany you in structuring your growth, to open the right doors for you, to save you time over your competitors, and also, to avoid you some missteps.

What we apply to our start-ups, we also apply to ourselves, by regularly soliciting our 40 shareholders with complementary and multiple skills.

Our areas of intervention:

  • Consulting in financial engineering and capital restructuring
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Support for business development and structuring of your sales force
  • Operational and strategic coaching for managers
  • Support in relations with shareholders
  • Assistance in the constitution of the board
  • Recruitment Consulting